Group Course

Ukulele Aloha! (6yrs +)


Dr. Lai learned the ukulele while studying for her PhD in music at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. For her, the ukulele is a fun and meditative instrument that reveals the creativity of life. Starting with the delicacy of string touching, Dr. Lai leads students to explore the diverse quality of sound. Skills building includes chord strumming, fingerpicking styles, music theory, solfège singing, score reading, and music appreciation.

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Bilingual Music Adventure (2-4yrs) *Baby Sensory (6mo-1.9yrs)


  • Bilingual Music Adventure  

Learning through play is our key to jump start our little kiddos' musical journey.  In our classes, children learn musicianship through creative music games, cultural stories, voice, rhythmic and lyrical movements. Using roll up keyboards and toddler friendly percussion in our interactive activities with peers not only immerse children in the fundamental concepts of music, it also improves their motor, emotional development, behavior, and social skills.



  • Baby Sensory Class

 Baby Sensory provides hundreds of sensory development activities that are great fun for parents and babies to share in the vital first year. The classes include bubbles, bells, musical fun, baby signing, puppet shows, amazing light balls and so much more...

Each class includes a variety of different baby development activities plus a discovery playtime, during which your baby can enjoy our exploratory play area whilst you have the opportunity to meet other parents.


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Hi 5 Keyboard (4-8yrs)


Class I (4-5yrs)  /  Class II (5-8yrs)

Before choosing an instrument to start your child's musical education, we recommend students to start with our Hi 5 keyboard classes before their hands, fingers, and motor skills have matured enough to comfortably use a piano or any other instrument.  This class introduces solfage (sing/pitch),  keyboard functions such as playing solo or ensemble with peers (play). We also teach children to recognize music notes (read), matching music patterns (write), and ends with music appreciation during our story time (listen).  A comprehensive program for children to discover the fun in learning music!


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Violin Twinklers (4-6yrs)


Class introduces music fundamentals through games and circle times while kids have fun playing violins with peers.  As the violin is an unfretted, non-keyed instrument, this course focuses on ear training that teaches students to accurately play a melody, associate intervals, and to associate and analyze melodies and chord changes by ear.  The ability to hear relative pitch is one of the most important skills any musician can have, especially a violinist! 

After class, teacher will send a short email to parents that highlights the day’s work and list the tasks to complete in the coming week, so that parents can assist their children with practice at home. 

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Singing Stars (4-7)


Singing Star is a fun enjoyable class to begin your children's musical journey.  

Class will teach Singing Stars to

  • Sing with the right posture
  • Project sound from the right place of the body
  • Learn various musical styles.
  • Sing repertoires of different musical styles.
  • Find the right note.
  • Sing in pitch precisely 
  • Breath the right way
  • Strengthen their lungs
  • Control volume
  • Not to waver away from notes they find
  • Find their loud (but right) voices
  • How not to ruin their voices
  • Learn basic music theory
  • Sing Various scales
  • Read music

With this small glimpse at what our Singing Star class can do, act quick to enroll your child's class! 

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Chinese Guzheng & Aesthetics (6yrs+)



Playing guzheng (or harp) is a poetic way of experiencing traditional and modern Chinese aesthetics. In this course, Taiwanese native Dr. Lai integrates the appreciation of poetry and literature to enhance students’ musicality. Students learn Chinese and Western tunes, guzheng techniques, music theory, solfège singing, rhythmic and ear training. 

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